New Trends - What is hot in 2016? Scooters or Segways?

Whether you wish it or do not, public transportation is undergoing transportation and some of its forms that have been around for centuries will be forgotten and gone with the wind. The transportation has come in the forms such as the electrical bicycles, the skate boards, the scooters and the new swegboards.

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Swegways - How cool are they exactly?

The swegways are not exactly similar to the hover boards but they are close enough. If only the police hadn’t thought of banning it we could all be having great visions and living our dreams in the future. Most people’s opinion on the swegways is that it is the most brilliant and effortlessly natural item.

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Skaterparks in the UK

Here is an article to guide you on the best skate parks in the UK for both those who are pros and the beginners. Great skate parks are very important to every skateboarder, pros and the beginners alike. For the beginners the experience that a skate park should provide is safe, friendly and a specialized environment so that they can learn the basics well.This is the most amazing skate park in the

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Skateparks in the US

Skateparks offer ideal grounds for one to relax and spend their time in a fun way. Concrete parks are the best due to their hardy nature. The United States of America has concrete Skateparks that are worth mentioning. Some of the amazing ones that stand out above the rest are:

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Skateparks refer to athletic facilities that are designed and constructed mainly for skateboarders, in-line skaters as well as freestyle BMX riders, a development that has been witnessed in the recent years. Such facilities offer people with a good environment for them to congregate, relax and execute their newly learned and mastered skills in a safe environment.

Skateparks ought to have fences to keep spectators protected from the potentially dangerous maneuvers. It is also great for them to have sufficient lighting to provide good vision for those using the facilities. This will help in reducing or completely doing away with the number of accidents occasioned by poor lighting.

Most of the best Skateparks are the ones designed using concrete. Skateparks constructed using concrete have been deemed as the way to go due to their permanent nature. The other added advantage of settling on a concrete skatepark is its virtually maintenance free nature and this will enable city skatepark needs to have a cost effective solution in the long run. On the other hand you could choose to have ramp pack which is basically meant for short term use. For authorities which have enough and adequate resources it is recommended that concrete Skateparks are built instead of the ramp packs.

A skatepark which has been designed to meet almost all skill levels will be between 18,000 and 25000 square feet with the absolute minimum being 10,000 square feet. It will also be good if the facility has different grounds or sections to separate the skilled skaters from the beginners and intermediate skilled skaters. This will aid in avoidance of collisions and it will help keep the facility safe. It will also be prudent to determine a variety of events as well as features which will require skills that one needs to acquire in each level and buffer zones should also be in place.

Skateparks are an added plus for any city or municipality due to the rising number of skaters. It is good for the authority in place to set up permanent structures that will need little maintenance to save on costs.