Skateparks refer to athletic facilities that are designed and constructed mainly for skateboarders, in-line skaters as well as freestyle BMX riders, a development that has been witnessed in the recent years. Such facilities offer people with a good environment for them to congregate, relax and execute their newly learned and mastered skills in a safe environment.

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New Trends - What is hot in 2016? Scooters or Segways?

Whether you wish it or do not, public transportation is undergoing transportation and some of its forms that have been around for centuries will be forgotten and gone with the wind. The transportation has come in the forms such as the electrical bicycles, the skate boards, the scooters and the new swegboards.

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Skaterparks in the UK

Here is an article to guide you on the best skate parks in the UK for both those who are pros and the beginners. Great skate parks are very important to every skateboarder, pros and the beginners alike. For the beginners the experience that a skate park should provide is safe, friendly and a specialized environment so that they can learn the basics well.This is the most amazing skate park in the

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Skateparks in the US

Skateparks offer ideal grounds for one to relax and spend their time in a fun way. Concrete parks are the best due to their hardy nature. The United States of America has concrete Skateparks that are worth mentioning. Some of the amazing ones that stand out above the rest are:

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Swegways - How cool are they exactly?

The swegways are not exactly similar to the hover boards but they are close enough. If only the police hadn’t thought of banning it we could all be having great visions and living our dreams in the future. Most people’s opinion on the swegways is that it is the most brilliant and effortlessly natural item. The swegway is a self balancing scooter board item that the police department has announced recently that it will no longer legal to ride except if you are doing it in a private property. This however doesn’t stop people from wanting to get their hands on one of these things. In fact it seems to be encouraging them even the more. Most shops that had stoked this swegboards brag about selling thousands of these items to very enthusiastic customers. Some customers even get into a shop and buy dozens of this swegboards. The market is not only local but some customers from oversees want a piece of this swegboards and not just one despite the distance from the manufacturers

The swegboards come in a variety of levels of pries from a lean 150$ to 1500$. There is even a gold effect one for the customers who are worried do not worry about money as it may have exceeded their sense already. The swegboards remain stationary when you stand on them straight and upright but it will take your body a surprisingly long time to figure out what exactly this means as you may topple forward a couple of times before you master how to remain in the position required to ride the swegboard. You may even require holding hands with a stranger to maintain your stamina therefore you will need to pretend this is perfectly normal however weird it may seem for your safety. You may fall a few times but when you get the hang of it you will be able to see why we say it is the most effortlessly natural thing that has been invented so far. You will begin to enjoy this invention when you begin to learn how to move forward, turning around or going at a speed of 10km/hr. You will no longer think of the inventor as an idiot but as the most brilliant person in the world. For you to move forward you should be able to do so by tilting your toes and turning you around as you favor one of your legs. This is because the gyroscope is actually so precise as the movements it needs are nearly imperceptible so it will feel as if you are communicating telepathically with it.

You will be much steadier on a pavement than on a park provided that no one in front of you drops anything. You will feel and think that you are hovering on a hover board but you definitely aren’t. If the swegboards are not banned they will make the future shimmer with possibility for you and me. Go get your swegboard and enjoy this brilliant invention.